Adding Multiple Categories

Reports are a powerful way to gather and display data. You can do many complicated calculations but one of the most common is adding multiple categories together

Accessing Reports

  1. Click on the "Admin" link from the user drop down menu.
  2. Select "Reports" from the left hand navigation.

Select Create Report

Select "Create Report" and you will then you will be taken to the Report page.

Create Calculation

  1. You will first want to title your report, this will be displayed at the top of your report after you run it.
  2. To create the calculation, click on the "+Add Category with Calculation" button
  3. Name the Calculation you are creating. For example, if you are creating a total attendance for the entire church, you might call it "Total Attendance"
  4. Select the categories you would like to add together, you can even add multiples.
  5. Select the equation you would like to use, in this case "+".
  6. Be sure to save your report.

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