Creating an Event

Creating an Event

This will walk you through the necessary steps to creating an Event.

Events are anything that you would like to track that is not tied to a weekend. These could be used for special events or services (like Easter and Christmas), weekday services, conferences, Bible studies, and more.

NOTE: You must be logged in as an Administrator on the account to be able to add events.

Select "Events" From the Admin

Select "Events" from the "Settings" drop down. This page is located in the "Church Settings" section of ChurchMetrics.

If you are not seeing the "Church Settings" link and need access you are likely not an Administrator on the account. Contact your ChurchMetrics Administrator to request access.

Select "Add New Event" From Events Page

Name Your Event

Here you will name your Event. After you have named your Event and saved it you might not notice a change just yet. That is because the you must now create NEW services times for the Event. You will need to create new services times even for existing services times.

For example: If you have a Friday service plus your regular Saturday and Sunday services for "Easter 2013" you will want to create a new service time for Friday as well as for your normal Saturday and Sunday services.

Create Service Times

Select "Service Times" from the Settings drop down and then select "Add New Service Time."

Set up Service Time For Event

You will create a service time like you normally do selecting the proper Campus, Day of Week, etc. The main difference will be assigning an Event to the Service Time. You do this by selecting your Event from the "Event" drop down.

Once you complete this, additional options will be made available.

You must select the appropriate Start and End dates.

Also, if the service is part of your normal weekend schedule (in this example it is because it is Easter) you will want to make sure to check the "Include in regular reports?" checkbox. This will ensure that this service time will show up on your dashboard, reports, and charts as part of the regular weekend. If left unchecked, it will remain as a standalone event and will not be included in reports.

Final Notes

-If you wish to input Event data on a later day, you must extend the Event's "end date" past the actual end date of the Event. This will ensure that the Service Times are available for inputting data.

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