In Church Metrics, all categories are grouped by week, where Sunday is the first day of the calendar week. When recording data for weekday services you may be add that data to the current week or to a following week. This is set for the service by using the “Before” or “After” option in "Service Times" found in your admin. Moving forward when you track data, it is then associated to the Sunday that just passed OR the Sunday that is coming this weekend. You can edit this setting later, but it will not retroactively update your past data. This documentation will walk you through updating your past datas association with Sunday.

There are two examples given on how to fix attendance. The second example is illustrated with screenshots.

Example 1
Wednesday youth attendance on 01/04/2017 added to Sunday 01/08/2017, but it should be added to 01/01/2017. This happens when a service is defined with the “before” flag. Edit the service and look under the “Day of Week” category. You will see the description “Data input for this day will be added to the week of the Sunday following it. Change”.

Changing the service definition to “after” does not fix the recorded data.

To fix this:
1) Fix the event definition
a. Change the event definition to “after”.

2) Backup your data.
a. Export records under Admin->Records->Export Data.
b. Date range 12/01/2016 to 01/31/2017.
c. Click “Export” to download a CSV of your data. The default name is “data_export.csv”.

3) Edit you data
a. Make a copy of “data_export.csv” and name it “import.csv”. Open the file using Excel. Delete all entries
except the youth attendance you want to fix.
b. If the column “Service Date Time” does not show the time, right click the column, select “Format Cells”,
select “Custom” and use “mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm”. If the date for the service is the previous week, edit the
date. [Optional] If “Event Name” does not show the name of an event, add it under this column.
c. Under column ‘A’, remove the date in front of “Campus Slug”.
d. Save your changes as an Excel file.

4) Prepare the file for import
a. Save the file as a CSV file.
b. Use a text editor such as notepad to verify that the date field includes the time.
c. If not, see section 3(b) above. Do not save changes.
d. Verify that the beginning of the file does not have a date. If it does, see 3(c) above.

5) Delete wrong entries
a. Go to Admin->Records and search for the services in question. For “before” services, these may be
recorded on the previous week. In this example, the youth service may have a date of 12/28/2016 or

b. Click the checkbox next to the affected records and then click “Delete Selected”. You will need to repeat
this process for every category that has recorded attendance.

6) Import your data
a. On Church Metrics, go to Admin->Records->Import Data
b. Select your CSV file and click “Import”.
c. Your attendance should now be correct!

Example 2
Easter attendance on 04/15/2017 is being added to Sunday 04/08/2017 but it should be added to 04/16/2017. This
happens when a service is defined with the “after” flag.

To fix this:

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