Mobile View

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2014 03:07PM CDT

This lesson will walk you through the mobile view of ChurchMetrics.

Here you can view data from the dashboard as well as input data for the week from here.

Signing in

You can access your mobile account by logging into your ChurchMetrics account from any smart phone.


The Dashboard

From the Dashboard you can view any categories that you are tracking. They will display by campus in text form.


Changing Categories

To change categories click the drop down button and any categories that you are tracking will show up here.


Inputting Data

You can also input data in the mobile view by clicking the input tab and selecting the service time for the campus you are wanting to enter data for.


Final Thoughts

-You can only input data for the week you are currently in. If you are wanting to input data for other weeks you will need to do this through your desktop computer.

-If at any point you would like to access the "Desktop View" you can do that by clicking the "Switch to Desktop View" at the bottom of the page.