Creating a Custom Category

Church Metrics gives you some pre-generated categories but sometimes you might want to add some categories that are unique to your church. You can create as many categories as you would like.

Access Categories Page

  1. From the Profile drop down, select "Admin"
  2. From the Admin Navigation, select "Categories"

Add New Category

  1. Once you are on the Users page, select "New Category" to launch the page

New Category Page

1. Name - Here you can name your custom category

2. Format - You use this to select the way you would like your data displayed. There are 3 options.

Number- This is used for whole numbers like attendance, salvations, and volunteers

Currency- This is used for your giving categories. This will add the currency symbol to the number.

Decimal- This is used for numbers that would need a decimal but are not necessarily currency.

3. Kind - You will also select a kind for your category. There are four options "Attendance", "Contributions", "Salvations", and "Other"

4. Be sure to Save your category

5. If you need to cancel your category, you can select "cancel" in the top right hand corner.

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