What is Church Metrics Groups?

If you help lead a denomination or church network, you know how important it is to have organized, reliable data from all of your member churches. We've created a brand new feature to help you gather and review that data.

Introducing Church Metrics Groups.

Now, you can link the members of denominations, church plant networks, or other associations and see a big-picture view of their combined trends.

Church Metrics Groups is a private, invitation-only way to aggregate all the data for the churches in your association. Users in your denomination or Group with admin access can review data for the entire Group, and individual churches can view only their data. You can even compare data across the entire Group or drill down to one particular church.

With a solid way to track and review attendance, salvations, giving stats and more, Church Metrics Groups is the perfect tool for managing your data and gauging the overall health of your organization.

You can create private, invitation-only Church Metrics Groups to manage and review data for an entire denomination, church plant group, network of churches, or other association.

View the big-picture trends and data for your Group, and make informed decisions to guide your entire organization.

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