Adding Weather Information to Campus Data

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Adding Weather Information to Campus Data

Weather can make a huge impact on the trends you see in your church. With our weather integration, you can now pull in weather information that can be used on the input screen, reports, and dashboards.

Go to Campuses

  1. From your admin, click on the "Campuses" tab
  2. Click the "Edit" link of the campus you want add weather information to.

Add Latitude and Longitude

To engage the weather feature for a certain campus, you'll just need to add the exact campus location. Since our weather tool is based on latitude and longitude, add those numbers at the base of the edit page. If you are uncertain of your latitude and longitude visit

Once you've turned weather on for a certain campus, past weather data will be added retroactively. 

Viewing Data

You should now see weather data on your Charts and also on your input screen.

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